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ANVESHA is a sankrit word meaning ďExploringĒ. Mr Cadabam M Ramesh the Chairman of the Cadabamís Group is the visionary behind this initiative of ANVESHA A talent meet to Explore and Exhibit the talents of persons with mental illness. Having interacted with thousands of persons with mental health problems and their family members, he knew the potential and talents persons with mental health problems had but masked due to illness. Hence to give an opportunity to showcase the talents and also provide an opportunity for the community to see the talents ANVESHA Talents meet was started in 2007.

The world has seen many persons with mental illness excelling in their life and immensely and equally contributing to society despite the odds of the illness. In most of the cases it has been the opportunity and support of the community that has made the difference. Hence ANVESHA was conceived to provide platform and opportunity to exhibit and explore the latent talents of persons with mental health illness.

ANVESHA event is organised by CADABAMíS Group once a year in the month of November which also happens to be the month of Anniversary celebrations. Residents undergoing rehabilitation in various psycho social rehabilitation centres across the state are invited to the event with pre planned program. The residents with exceptional talent are awarded at the end of the program.




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