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Centre for Intellectual and Developmental Disorders

ANKITHA' literally means a "Special Indentation" or "A dedication". ANKITHA is a dedicated speciality wing of CADABAM'S for Habilitation and Rehabilitation of Persons with Intellectual and Developmental disorders (Mental Retardation). ANKITHA as a specialty therapeutic wing functions in the existing campus of AMITHA.

Mental Retardation

Mental Retardation is perhaps the most challenging of diseases in the field of mental health care. But to the Cadabams Group it was this very challenge that conceptualized the largest and best Psycho Social Rehabilitation center In India if not Asia. Seeing a challenge in the family the Founding patrons were motivated to go for a mental health care facility and in it integrating Ankitha, the facility for the mentally retarded treatment or the Center for intellectually and Developmentally Impaired, with the parent campus. This mental retardation services provides both habilitation and rehabilitation for quick and effective community reintegration.

For a broad understanding of this medical challenge, because it goes beyond the explanation of mental health care in Indian context, please read here.

The mental retardation treatment focuses on the dual objective of giving an optimal quality of life, care, dignity and building skills around the individual’s capabilities. Each special child, as they are lovingly referred to, is unique in themselves. The mental retardation services have four corner stone’s in its approach to mental retardation treatment.

The basic living facility varies from a single room to a lavishly done up cottage. All this is integrated with the main psychiatric campus called Amitha. But more exists in the Cadabams Kitty. A separate campus called Adrutha exists with separate dormitories for males and females. Here mental retardation services and mental retardation medications are available.

Being unique in themselves , although there are group therapies to build socialization and group learning skills, there are individual oriented therapies to help them recover and reintegrate into society. However, mental retardation in children are out of the scope of things. The objective is to identify both the abilities and limitation of each individual to ensure that the mental retardation medications provided maximizes the functioning capabilities. These specialists have special orientation in delivering neuro behavioural model therapies including cognitive behavioural therapy, psycho dynamic therapy and behavioral therapy. Occupational or Vocational therapy with basic educational skills is also provided for.

The treating team consists of the psychiatrists, clinical psychologist, psychologist, physiotherapist, nurses and physician to provide a holistic care in mental retardation treatment. The psychiatrist provides medication that is absolutely necessary in line with the best practices nationally and internationally always monitoring the efficacy of the line of treatment.

Mental retardation has many medical causes and manifests itself in its own unique way.  While medical intervention is necessary, sadly has limited role in the irreversible and long term impairment and disability caused due to intellectual and developmental disorders. 

Mental retardation in children can be seen in a dual context. Firstly, mental retardation has its roots by birth mostly. Secondly, the term special children indicates both that the patient is in all probability intellectually and physically a child. This brings to the primary caregiver the question: After Us Who? This is where Cadabams Group Scores over other Campuses by providing a number of answers which is listed here.

Individuals with intellectual disabilities, in this form of mental retardation, have a five times greater risk than the general population.  In addition to the emotional and behavioral difficulties that can arise from brain damage or dysfunction, people with intellectual disabilities are more vulnerable to psycho social stressors like bullying, abuse, bereavement, poor problem solving skills that can precipitate mental health problems. The mental retardation treatment in this context is Social Skill Training, Adaptive training, and Behavior Management Skills.

The admission process is centralized and has ease of operation. Apart from past medical records the detailed case history is taken from the family in both a structured format and in a unstructured question and answer session by a in-house psychiatrist, clinical psychiatrist and designated counselor. These feedback sessions are more important in mental retardation in children. Details are then presented to the consultant psychiatrist who details the line of treatment to be followed in the scheme of mental retardation medications. In high degrees of disfunctionalities a caretaker is provided for.

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