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AMITHA, providing the best facilities with care

The Living facilities at AMITHA have an extensive range starting from a low cost Dormitory to luxurious cottage. The type of the accommodation is selected and suggested depending upon the physical and psychological needs of the prospective resident and also specific request of the family depending upon the availability of the type of room sought for.

The types of Rooms are
  • SINGLE ROOM'S in Modern Roof and Tiled Roof
  • DOUBLE ROOM'S in Modern Roof and Tiled Roof
  • DORMITORY'S in Modern Roof and Tiled Roof
  • COTTAGES in Modern Roof and Tiled Roof

In single and double rooms there are additional varieties as regular and deluxe. All the rooms have attached bath and toilets and are furnished for comfortable living of the residents. TV units are kept in every living room and there is also a common TV unit in some of the common areas. The residents can get their own music systems both portable and fixed.

The various types of living rooms are located in different blocks, designed in such a way to provide adequate natural ventilation and illumination. The courtyards in the quadrangles have lush green lawns with ornamental and flowering plants and one or two shade giving trees as well. The pathways are paved or concrete road is available for comfortable walking on the whole CADABAM'S AMITHA promises a leisure resort to regain mental health to troubled mind.

General Facilities

  • 24 X 7 Ambulance service with nursing care
  • Well equipped spacious kitchen and dining hall
  • Laundry facility
  • Generator back up in case of power failures
  • Well equipped Gym
  • Library
  • Indoor Activity area
  • OPEN Conopy area for therapeutic activities
  • Yoga and Meditation hall
  • Horticulture unit
  • Occupational Therapy unit
  • Space for outdoor games like Cricket, Badminton, Volleyball, Through Ball and Etc,.
  • Walking track
  • Individual counselling session rooms
  • Nurses station equipped with First Aid management
  • Round the clock physician and psychiatrist support
  • Round the clock counsellor support


CADABAM'S AMITHA has a standardised menu to provide healthy and nutritious food to residents. The food cooked will generally have combination of south and north Indian traditional preparations. While breakfast is generally south Indian the lunch and dinner has combination of both north and south Indian dishes.

Residents start their day with Coffee or tea in the morning followed with Breakfast and then lunch. Evening after the activities refreshments and tea is provided followed with dinner at night.

Non Vegetarian food is served once a week. The residents also get treated to special dishes on festival days/ birthdays of other residents.


Ample scope is provided to all residents to live a relaxed and comfortable life in the campus. For the recreation CADABAM'S AMITHA has number of facilities like TV, Sorts, Gymnasium Etc,.

Birthdays and festivals or residents occurring during the month are celebrated collectively on the last day of the month. On that day the residents will have special lunch/snacks. Birthday cake is specially ordered is cut and greetings are exchanged which will be followed by entertainment program.

Occasionally residents are taken out of the campus on picnic and outings to nearby places of scenic beauty/historical interest/Pilgrim centre/entertainment centres/temples/movies.

A number of outdoor and indoor games are available and the residents are encouraged to participate in sports and games. Friendly matches are played between the resident teams and students who get posted for training. Sports completion and tournaments are held on Independence day and Republic Day and prizes are given to winners. The residents are also taken out of campus walks regularly.

CADABAM'S AMITHA subscribes to a number of news papers and periodicals. From library residents can borrow books. The families also can send books and magazines to their wards.

Counselling And Treatment

Each resident gets to be with one counsellor who will interact and have sessions at regular intervals. Counsellors also meet the family on their visit and update the progress and take reviews for further work and therapy. The residents are treated by psychiatrists of eminence working with CADABAM'S who will take care of the psycho pharmacological needs of the residents. The sessions are conducted in a respective cabins giving the much needed privacy while the confidentiality of the information is maintained as per norms in force time to time.

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