ADRUTHA, providing the best facilities with care

ADRUTHA has a huge 70,000 sq.ft. of built-up area, safe, spacious & restful accommodation for 150 persons, equally enabling therapeutic rooms for various kinds of activities, & recreation

ADRUTHA with its adept professionals like Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Psychiatric-Social workers and Counsellors aims to set standards in halfway house rehabilitation & recovery.

Residents are put into rigorous, pre-planned & customized scheduled activities & therapies like psychotherapy, Occupational & vocational activity therapy Yoga & meditation, counselling, indoors & outdoors games with other recreational activities.

An independent and exclusive kitchen for cooking healthy, hygienic & tasty food both vegetarian & Non-vegetarian with spacious spic & span round / circular dining area which can serve 100 persons at one time.


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